Typical photographers children

When I fell pregnant with this baby, I remember being so excited at all of the newborn photos I could take.  I dreamt up poses and ideas, spent hours trailing etsy and wool stores loading up on hats and blankets that I would use in all of these beautiful photos I would take. I was prepared this time, the ideal time to photograph a newborn is between day 4 and up to day 14, as they are usually nice and sleepy in this time, and they change so much in those first few weeks. On day 2 I got the beautiful photos in the post below of my husband Gareth and Indi. On day 4 I tried to do her photos on her own. I had the room prepared to a toasty temp of 35 and eased her into some poses.

No chance. The minute she was undressed she cried. The only time she ever cries is still when shes undressed. (Daddy's rather pleased about this!)  I tried wrapping her, but to no avail. I did this every day for the following 9 days till I decided its just not going to happen. On day 7 I tried to take the perfect shot of my 3 gorgeous children. I have about 30 hilarious photos of many face pulls and outtakes. I managed to photo merge one to something I like and the rest I will forever laugh at, and remember that day - the pleading, distracting and bribery, none of which worked!

And a few of the fantastic outtakes!