Three little Indians

Wednesdays are the days where my heart feels full. I feel capable, and in control and relaxed. But above all I feel like a good mother. Its so easy to doubt yourself, to critisise, to think your not doing the right thing, to feel guilty for how much time you spend doing other things, instead of just solely being with your children, to over analyze the 'what if's' and feel guilty for the time they spend in other care.

Wednesdays are the days I always do something just for my boys. We always go on a playdate to an outdoor spot or spend the day doing something that they would enjoy, and consequently I thoroughly enjoy it.

Today we went to a beautiful park, with a equally beautiful back drop, with good friends, where the kids just played happily for hours.

Its days like this that really make it all worth it. All the chaos; the toys scattered everywhere, the 'i dont want to's' , the endless cleaning.

I feel so blessed to be able to have these days spent with my children and hope that they can look back on these with memories as happy as mine are.  (They will have all the photographs to prove it if they dont!)

My heart feels full.


(Mason was spectating off on the sidelines and eating as always:))