The perfect time

About 6 months ago while I was doing my daily blog searching I read that one of my favorite photographers Bluelily Photography from the US were doing an Australian tour. And they had chosen Perth as one of their locations!  I was so excited and instantly booked a session in with them. 6 months later and many hours spent scrutinising locations, what to wear, what to bring it was time for our session. 

I was nervous, excited and couldnt wait to watch this amazing husband and wife team in action! They were incredible, and made us feel at ease, and the boys instantly open up. The boys are so used to the camera, they are tough cookies to 'break'.

Right before our session I read this beautiful insight on Debs blog.

What is stopping you from getting family photos done?

And that is the question. I suppose for each and every one of us, it is different.  Some people just dont like being in front of the camera. Some are waiting for once they loose weight. Once there is more time.   Budget of course comes into it at times, and some people are unable or dont want to spend the money on custom photography.  It is a luxury and it can be expensive. But it is so so worth it.  Those images, those memories captured are worth so much more than the money you pay for them.

I have family photos taken for two reasons. One, if I didnt it would look like I didnt exist, as I am always behund the camera. And two, at a young age I lost both my parents, and I have very limited photos of myself and them. I wish with all my heart I had more, but there is NOTHING I can do to change this. I want my family to have photos of us at different stages of our life.

So without further ado, here is US.

Thankyou Wendy and Tyler for capturing us, and allowing me to have these beautiful images always.

All images copyright Bluelily Photography.


And this is what I made up today. I cant wait till it arrives and I can hang it on the wall! Its a 30x40" canvas.