The overlooked ~ Tobias and Indigo perth newborn twin photographer

I like most photographers have a process for editing. I know what Im going to do with most of my images, and follow my usual processes. Searching for the images I love from the session, that are 'perfect'. Today, after Id finished editing this session, and the CD was on its way to Mum & Dad, I came across this image.

I hadn't even given it a second glance upon editing, as it was a 'set up' shot. Mum and Dad were trying there best to soothe the babies so that I could get 'the shot'. The resulting shot is beautiful, but this 'set up' shot is so much more.

Mum & Dads tender hands soothing their beautiful new babies. This is without a doubt my favorite from their session now.

A good reminder for myself, to not overlook the 'imperfect'.