The daily chores

One of the things on my list of everyday chores, along with the usual make beds, 2 loads of washing, fold said washing, dishwasher unstacking/re stacking, you know the exciting things we look forward to each day:) Is walking Dexter. We got Dexter as a puppy almost 7 years ago, he was our trial baby, and was very much a Mommas boy, so much so that he became my dog. We should have known we were in for a ride, when he broke his leg at 8 weeks trying to get to me because he had separation anxiety (yes who knew animals do get this!) 6 years later and nothing has changed, he is still my dog and he still howles the whole time Im out (lucky neighbours!) And along with that goes the delightful responsibility of walking him.

You would thing that at almost 7, he would have calmed down by now.  But no, all those years ago, I chose a Boxer dog, and with that came the never ending bounding energy, that still does not falter all these years on.

I complain about having to walk him every day (and yes it must be every day, or else you should hear the yodeling he does!)  but it is actually lovely that it forces us to get out of the house everyday, rain, hail or shine, and go on long walks.

Exploring and discovering, and of course with me capturing it all.

From a walk last week along our favorite place ever.

Tomorrow I will have the sneak peak ready of the most gorgeous Mummy and baby session! It was time for her6 month photos!  Gina, Im sure you are excitedly awaiting them, they will not disappoint!!  Im so glad we did not reschedule, what a perfect session!

But now I best be off to bed. Byron has a date with this gorgeous girl first thing tomorrow morning, ah no its already after 12am so this morning, and I with his mother:) Were off to explore a new 'play' spot!