The Birth of Elise Mae

Im passionate about many things, birthing is one of those. The birth of a child is one of those incredible, lifechanging moments. Not only life changing for all the joys that children bring, but life changing with the birth itself.  Birth can be so empowering, it is so emotive, and its underestimated how much of an impact a birth can have on the mother.

Julie & I shared similar birthing views. We both had first births that were medicated and didnt go exactly as planned.  And without it wanting to, it did have an impact on us in those days and weeks following the birth.  And so when it came to our second births, we wanted it to be different.

When I mentioned I was interested in adding birth photography to my services, I was so thrilled when Julie contacted me and said she was interested! I was eagerly awaiting her call as we neared her due date. She reminded me that she went 14 days over with her first child, before being induced, so not to get to excited about things happening early. Her due date came and went, and Julie remained so calm and content, patiently awaiting things to happen naturally. On Friday the 4th of December, I got a text from Julie saying that she was going in to hospital to have the gels, to give her body a little 'kick start'.

I almost flew out of bed I was so excited. Not wanting to end up with a full induction Julie waited (again so patiently) and at 4.30pm, I got the text saying could I come now. Could I ever!!!

What an incredible experience it is to be able to be present at someone else's birth. It really is an honour.

Julie & Jason, thankyou for allowing me to be a part of your little girls, birth day. It was beautiful to watch, and I felt so proud of you Julie, to watch you just trust in yourself and your body's ability.

You can view the full slideshow below. Please note, it does contain some graphic images, so please dont watch it if you feel you may be offended.

Or you can click the link below to watch it slightly bigger and better quality

The Birth Of Elise Mae