Tasmin & Quentin (Fatty) Hardwick {Myalup Wedding Photographer}

Ceremony - Old Coast Road Brewery, Myalup Reception - Old Coast Road Brewery, Myalup

Hair - Jas Toovey

Flowers- Mary Rose

Make up - Nadene Saliba

Cake- Jill (Fattys mum)

Videoographer - In Shot Productions

 Tasmin and I met just over 12 months ago, and we just clicked instantly. I think we chatted each other's ears off in that first meeting, and then via emails over the next 6 months. When I was 35 weeks pregnant with Indiana and she stubbornly wouldn't head to the right position, Tasmin being a wonderful midwife and lovely friend sent me information on my options and teed up an appointment with a well known 'baby turner' chiro. Her thoughtfulness touched me at a time when I was feeling quite vulnerable.

Then in the leadup to Tasmin's day we had some rain. A lot of rain. This November has to have been one of the wetest we have had in years. It rained almost every Saturday in November. But not for Tasmin and Quentin's day. The sun was shining and it was so beautiful to watch a couple so in love and happy to be begining the rest of their lives together.

Tasmin, it was such a pleasure to be able to capture your special day. Ps I have dress envy.... so beautiful!!!!