Summer treats

We are lucky that we live in a highly kid friendly neighbourhood. In fact at our street Christmas party yesterday, I counted 19 children. Mr Wippy cashes in on this, and frequents our neighbourhood a little too often, (hear, every damn day!!)

Im not quite sure how, but im thinking of blaming Dora and the ice cream van episode, but somehow Byron has learnt that the music he hears each afternoon = ice cream.

Logic would be to do what a good friend of mine told me his Mum did when he was little. She told him that when the music was playing, it meant that Mr Wippy was out of ice-cream. Smart huh?!

However when the little guy looks up at me, and pleads ever so nicely for ice-cream, I cave, i think its also the novelty of having ice cream delivered to the door!!

This is becoming a common tradition now, thankfully I don't much like soft serve.

(Oh and notice the face lift the Mr Wippy van has had! They must be trying to dispel all those salmonella rumors that went around many years ago!!)

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Mabey I should be limiting that ice-cream intake??! This kid has more rolls that the 'roley' dog that used to be in the ads!

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