A couple of weeks ago unexpectedly Gareth had a couple of weeks off. So last minute (as all our trips are) we decided to book a holiday to Bali. Its quite fun booking the trip 5 days before your due to go, no anticipation or waiting, just mad rushing!! The flight was a breeze, only 3.5 hours and for once it was not 2 against 1 on the flight! I even got to read two magazines and half a book! Of course Gareth turned to me and said I must have been lying about all the previous flights, as it was so easy with the boys!!

We stayed at the same resort we got married at almost 5 years ago, and it was perfect. So well set up for children, kids club was excellent for when we wanted to do a bit of shopping, get a massage or eat dinner and actually eat it without distractions!! The boys swam for most of the days, and warm weather was beautiful.

The Balinese were so lovely with all the kids, and we had a great day at Waterbom park as well as taking Byron to see the volcano, which he has not stopped talking about since.

It was of course still hard work, both in nappies still, in the process of toilet training made for some eventful nappy changes in places Id never thought possible! As well as many glass breakages, as plastic is not often served, but we had a lovely time, and I feel refreshed for the coming very busy months!!

I will be offering mini sessions in October and will have more information very soon!