New life

 A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.  Eda J. Le Shan

I know Ive spoken of this before, but there is something so magic about a couple eagerly awaiting their first baby.

Its an innocence, a new-ness, not knowing what to expect, and anxiously willing time to pass quickly, so they can meet there new baby.

Its beautiful to watch, and I must admit, each time I get a small 'pang' and remember back to that time for myself, to just before we welcomed our first born into our lives.

What a journey, an amazing  journey it is.

This beautiful couple are awaiting their first baby, to be born any day now!

Such a beautiful couple, and so willing to trek through the bush to find the perfect spot! I get so lucky with my clients!!!  

It was such a pleasure to meet you Amie and Anthony, I cant wait to hear your exciting news, and meet your little one in the coming weeks!