My boys

Ive had a break from sessions these last few weeks as I complete my final weeks of my degree. As it finally came to a halt on Friday, I felt an enormous amount of pride. I actually cant really believe that I have completed it.  This may become more apparent when I finally get to wear my cloak and hat come February, but until then I will bask in the contentment that I actually did finally finish.

Against all odds really. It has been a 'heavy' journey, is really the only way I cant put it, but to come out at the end really is wonderful.

It brings to mind this poster that I came across a few weeks ago and instantly printed off and framed on my wall.

Microsoft Word - How to be a Goddess.docx

Which can be downloaded from here.

The words in this poster; dream big, trust in yourself, be your highest self... they really are things I aim to ensure I do. I do not want to take a back seat in this amazing world we live in. And I want to try to install this in my children as much as I possibly can, that they can choose to do anything, and they can make it happen. Determination and trust in yourself, really can get you so far.

So this weekend I have relaxed, unwinded and just enjoyed my boys:) (And had some birthday drinks as well!!)

My boys have been neglected in the photo department lately, so it was really nice to have the camera close by and just 'shoot' them. There not picture perfect, but a reflection of a 'perfect' weekend with them.

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Yes, he is always eating. And if I even tried to take it off him he would have bitten me!! This child has a serious shrill of a squeal on him!!

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I went inside to grab him a drink, and came out to find him fast asleep!! He falls asleep ANYWHERE!!

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On Saturday, it suddenly hit 37 degrees!!! A jump of almost 20 degrees in 3 days! We made the most of it with a trip to the beach, amongst thousands of others!! I am looking forward to living at the beach this summer with my boys. Dexter was getting a sand bath in this one. Lucky him!! 

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Tomorrow is my first child free day, in over 6 months!! To say im looking forward to it is an understatement!!