Motherhood brings more than you ever could imagine

3 years ago, I became a mother. My life undeniably changed, I was a young Mum at 22 when Byron was born, and the first of any of my close school friends to even contemplate marriage let alone babies. I had always wanted them though, I was always wanting to be a Mummy. It was tough going through this monumental milestone without my closest friends to go along for the ride. Don't mistake me girls, you have been here for the ride, and are the best Aunties to the boys, but there is only so many times you really want to hear about what childbirth does to your body, and how you cant possibly be as tired as I am, as I have been up most of the night with a newborn, and then a toddler.

And there steps in this amazing group of friends I have met since having the boys.

Seriously, want new friends, have a baby!

There are my wonderful neighbourhood friends, who meet me just about every day in the park at the end of our street, with their children, and their dogs. The dogs run together, children play together, and we chat about the days events. It is so comforting, and delightful. We have shared the trials and tribulations of this motherhood journey together, raw and beautiful. I am so blessed. Through summer we meet on Fridays early and drink champagne and eat loads of yummy food, while the kids share an early dinner. It is the nicest way to finish the week off.

Then there is the most amazing group of ladies I met on an online forum for mothers. We all joined that group, from houses all around Australia, and even with a few from further afield, while we still had out January 07 babies growing inside, and we chatted daily.  Since then, we have had many meet ups. We've shared the birth of our January 07 babies, and then the birth of many more siblings to our 'family'. We have all come together last year to share in the joy of a wedding in Melbourne and a Sydney get together with just the girls. I never ever could have imagined that I would find such amazing guidance, support and love from a group of women I had yet to meet.

Through that group I met Mel. Mel is Scarlets Mummy, and Mummy to 4 other beautiful children. I remember when I first met her, overwhelmed and exhausted by my 2 month old first born, who refused to sleep more than 2 hours, and thinking your mad, you did this 5 times?! It wasn't until the next time we met, with all the kids, that I looked at her in a totally different light. I was in awe. She made is look incredible. Not easy, but ever so worth it. Her children are beautiful, they are such incredible individuals and its so wonderful to share the journey with them. And she is the most amazing Mum to those children, so open, so real, so caring. And it showes. Because those children are so open, so real and so caring.

Every Wednesday Mel and I meet up somewhere outdoors, and the kids play, while we chat, cameras in hand ( we mesh so totally) cheese and biccies, iced coffees followed by a coke for her, a diet coke for me and it is the most enjoyable day of the week. Our children share such a close bond now. They are like siblings (and fight like it too!). But it is lovely.

With the kids on school holidays we decided to use this Wednesday to go country, I could move up there, the light, the trees, the peace. I felt relaxed in an instant.