Love like no other

"We find a delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body". (Ralph Waldo Emerson) I ran into a old school friend while food shopping this afternoon. As we chatted amongst the craziness of the supermarket, she excitedly told me that her and her husband are expecting a baby this December. We chatted some more, and discussed doing a maternity and newborn session for her (I cant wait Amy!) and then parted. As I continued to shop I was filled with such excitement and happiness for her, which is somewhat bizarre and somewhat hard to explain.

The joy that being a parent has brough me, is quite indescribable. I try, often to many people; there are many ups and downs, excretions and mess, noise and a type of business like no other, but above all there is love. Complete unconditional love. And it is a love like no other.

Every Time I look at my boys, every time they talk to me, engage with me or just do there own thing, I find it almost mesmerising.

It is fullfilling, and engaging, and makes you only want to do and be the best you possibly can for them.  And so, that is what I try to explain to each of my friends as they excidedly enter the next, very exciting chapter of their lives.

We spent the weekend in the hills and visited a gorgeous orchard right at the end of their fruit season.

I love being able to follow them and have such a constant memory of all the things we did together in these early years. The main reason I love being a photographer - I am pushed to constantly capture our lives everyday.