Life with three...

Is rather insane, there are no minutes spare in the day anymore, my ears are ringing from the minute I am woken by Mason tugging me out of bed asking for breakfast till they are all finally wrapped up in their beds, and conked out. But, I love it, wouldn't have it any other way and still cant get the thought of a 4th out of my head much to hubbies disappointment!

I remember my good friend Mel, whom I look up to immensely for motherly tips, telling me that people with 3 children always complain the most (she has 5 and makes it look easy) and I remember thinking I'm sure I can juggle it. Hmmmm, well that smug smile has now been removed from my face! I know why they complain a lot, it is a big change!

Id be lying if I said it wasnt a hard adjustment, were still all adjusting to the juggle. Mama only has two hands, and these three little people each want their needs met, and often all at once. There are moments when I think; what was I thinking, but those moments are passed over by the sweetness of seeing Byron, Mason and Indiana interacting together, the delight, the joy, the admiration in each of their faces for one other.  Having not had brothers or sisters, I feel so happy for them, that they have this blessing that will be with them for life.

Ive learnt that my kiddies take about 4 months to adjust to the new addition. Mason has just started sleeping in his own bed all night again, and I have my bedroom floor back. We had to move Indi out into her own room, and once we did that, he seemed happy that she was out of our room, and so he needn't need to make his presence known there each morning at 2am. I am very thankful for the advice from my Aunty to move everyone around, and sleep is now occurring here finally.

And I can see that we are getting into the groove of 3, I now have eyes on the side of my head as well as the back, and my multitasking skills are getting upped daily, who knew you can make school lunch while feeding the baby and dealing with suppliers on the phone at the same time!:)  Im reminded when I look at these 3 beautiful kiddies, how quickly time is passing by, how the little daily moments are passing by in a heartbeat, and how important it is to just stop, put everything down, and enjoy them. 



Byron said to me tonight as I was tucking him into bed, 'Mum, when are we going to have another baby?' I replied, 'Not for a while hunny.' The instant 4 year old response - 'Why?' I replied, 'because babies make mummy tired'. 'But I want a brother', he replied. We started talking about other stuff and as I walked out of their bedroom, he yelled out to me 'Mum, go and eat lots of things and then you can give me my brother!'. Mmmm gotta love the 4 year old mind!!