Indigo & Tobias {Perth newborn twin photographer}

I had the pleasure (and challenge:)) of photographing these beautiful newborn twins. A spunky little boy, who was so keen on keeping an eye on everything that was going on around him, and a sleepy little girl who was happily fast asleep for most of her session.

Mum & Dad decided to have baby #4, and they were blessed with #5 as well at the same time.

They are gorgeous, and as if I wasnt already clucky enough, I really could have taken them home with me!

They gave me a combined time of about 10 minutes where both of them slept peacefully together, but in that time we managed to get some beautiful images of them together while they are both still so new.

Mum & Dad thankyou for your patience throughout the shoot, it was such a pleasure to photograph your beautiful new babies.