In search of the perfect photo

My youngest is now 20 months, and despite being a photographer I still do not have one good photo of both my boys together. They are so uninterested in the camera, and never stay still longer than a moment, so I am literally clicking and chasing, hoping that I get something in focus, usually I dont!!

Yesterday we had really strange light, due to loads of burning off in the hills and so there was a natural golden haze all afternoon.

I enlisted the help of the boys Aunty Amy, and she rallied around doing everything possible to get the boys in one place looking remotely happy and still.

It didnt happen.

But instead I captured something that warms my heart even more. It captures EXACTLY my boys personalities.

Byron my first born, cautious and careful, sensitive and serious. Mason my second born who is so confident and cheeky, free spirited and easy going.

And with their loved Aunty Amy, who now understands why I dont have many photos of the boys together!!

Sometimes the imperfect, is better than the perfect:)