In my dreams

I dreamt about this room. For years I have collected and gathered things for my daughters room that I hoped she would one day look and play with. This room is really small, it used to be my photography storage/craft room but its also the perfect nursery.

The 3 prints I bought 4 years ago when I was pregnant with Mason, for 'one day'.  They are made in memory of this beautiful Mamas little girl.

The white chest of drawers is extra special to me, they were my Mum's, I remember them in her bedroom many years ago with all of her beautiful things on top, and then in mine during my teen years, many afternoons spent looking in that mirror as we prepared for going out, restored for me by my Dad, originally a beautiful treated wood, and now I have given them a makeover for Indiana. The doll on the suitcase was mine, Arabella, given to me for one of my birthdays, she is beautiful and went with me everywhere.    

The tutu I couldn't resist, luckily my bestie is getting married next year and Indiana is flower girl so I had an excuse to buy it! The cot bedding was the first thing I came home and purchased when we found out this baby was a girl. I had been eyeing it off for years.

The chair was my Grandads, and was in terrible condition and years ago Dad gave them away to a dear friends parents, who lovingly restored them for me, and when I found out we were having a daughter I had them covered in this beautiful print. 

The babushka, ballerina tutu and music box was mine when I was little, as well as all of the books, and all of the things on the shelves have been gifts over the years to either myself or for Indiana.

I dont think I showcased this incredibly beautiful work of art that I had made of my belly when I was 38 weeks pregnant.  Sally from Estomac Art is incredible, I first saw her work when I was photographing a beautiful new little baby and I decided I would love to have one of these. It is such a beautiful keepsake, and the detailing is stunning.

And here is our little gorgeous one, just on the cusp of 5 months weighing in at more than her brothers did and the size of a healthy one year old:)

My favourite stage, when they find their toes, and play with their feet all day.

She is just starting to sleep through the night which is like wining the lotto after 7 months of broken sleep!  She is still very chilled, until you don't give her what she wants and is rather serious. Smiles are given if you try hard, giggles are few and far between, I think Gareth and I have made her laugh twice between us, however her brothers have her in hysterics daily. The other week I heard her giggles and ran into the other lounge room to see what she was laughing at. She was on her floor mat, and Byron and Mason were jumping off the couch and over her. I watched half in horror (at the thought of them landing on her) and half beaming with pride as I saw her looking up at them with such happiness.

Daily I count my blessings that she has entered our family, and dream of all of the fun we will have together.