"There's no place like home",  said Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and boy was she right! I love to travel, and despite how hard it is to do it, with two young children, I still think it is worth all the hard work. Even though I have already said 'Never again', I can already feel my feet itching, so Im sure that before the year is out I will travel with the zoo again!

We had the most amazing week in NSW, busy and fun filled, staying with the most beautiful family (who will feature very shortly on the blog) who welcomed us with open arms.

Naz and I have been great friends online since we had our first children, both born on the same day! She also has another gorgeous girl 3 weeks younger than Mason, and then she was braver than I, and has a adorable chubba little boy who is 6 months old. So yes we had a full house!!

It was so much fun though, and it was lovely to be able to sit back once the kids were in bed, and enjoy a delicious meal and lovely bottle of wine each night.

Coming home always remind me of this song:

After almost a full week of rain in NSW (we got a bad week, I have been told that it has been sunny since we left!) we were welcomed home to the most beautiful 'winters' day. I met Mel, who was feeling as 'jetlagged' as I, and all the kids down at the river. Thongs, singlets and shorts.. how lucky we are!

Yes there is no place like home!