Heidi love

This gorgeous little bubba is growing so quickly! We ummed and ahhed about re-scheduling this session, it had been pouring all day, but the sun came out right before we were scheduled, so we went with it, and decided on a home session; lovely relaxed, playful photos at home.

Its so so nice to be able to follow this family and photograph them, from the beautiful belly to her first photos at 6 days, and now at 6 months. I cannot wait to see them again for her 1 year session, when she will no doubt be up and exploring everything!

Gina, I bet you are eagerly awaiting this sneak peak, there are so many gorgeous images from this session! Cant wait to see you all again when Heidi is One! 

Without a doubt my favorite image from this session, maybe even my favorite image so far!  Gina, I think you NEED to make room for this on your walls!

Love these two as well. Mama and big brother were behind me giggling trying to make Miss Heidi smile and I spun around and just caught this moment.

Love her bottom lip in this one! She wobbled over approximately two seconds later! Mum was there to catch her though of course!

The family photo took a fair bit of coaxing, but it ended in sucess!