Groundhog day...

6.15 Dog next door barks. And barks. And barks. Every single morning.  Right outside our bedroom window. I hear Byron stirring, then hear him banging as he stands on his train table to look out the window.(hes not allowed up unless its daylight!) Drag myself out of bed, if im lucky the hubby gets up instead. Eyes half closed, I stumble down the hall and get Byron out of his room without stirring Mason and turn the babysitter on, so he can watch Dora while I attempt to wake up. I am NOT a morning person.

Computer turned on. Grab iced coffee from the fridge. Every single morning.

The 'Mumming' starts, 'Mum, can i have  a jooice', 'Mum, there's Dora', 'Mum, I want jam', 'Mum, Mum, Mum until i respond to every. single. question. 

Quick check of emails until Mason wakes. Try to wangle Byron back into his room so I can dress him. Horrific that my children are almost stronger than me, and it takes all my strength to hold them down for nappy changes. Whinging, lots of it, neither boy likes to get dressed.  DOCS is going to be called one day from all the yelling that goes on from my boys at dress time. Ten minutes later we emerge, them running in laughter, me exhausted and cranky.

Dexter is watching from the window, I can hear him thinking 'when's it my walk time, it never used to be like this'. Make breakfast. Usually toast, two pieces each anything but peanut butter. Into the pram with breakfast so we can walk Dexter before we head out for the day. Nappies, wipes, ball, sultanas, bananas, sunscreen, hats, drinks, lead, ball thrower, Ipod - my sanity.  Walk the dog, usually meet a friend in the park if we are lucky, we swap two year old 'taming' stories and laugh at each others distress over what it is that we are going through with our children.

Home again, grab the swim bag, lunchboxes, more drinks, off to the gym. Check the boys into the creche, one hour of intense peace. Is it so wrong that I LOVE this time? Back to get the kids out of the creche, change into swim gear, sounds easy, its not. Think, one year old who has NO fear and bolts for the water and jumps straight in and two year old who also LOVES the water and runs off and wont stay in just one spot of the pool. The sign says 'children under 5 must be within arms length at all times'. Hmmmmmmm.

 Wangle both into swim speedo nappies (love those things!) back floaties and kickboards. One hour of splashing in the pool. Time to get out. Difficult task. Whilst trying not to scare everyone flashing my lower half at everyone sans towel I get Mason dressed whilst yelling to Byron to get out. Bribery usually works. i never thought I would be the mother who would bride, but seriously, sanity is more important. Hot chips is my last resort, im sure he has me sussed now. Order lunch, sit on the grass and attempt to read a magazine supplied. Im not sure why I havent learnt I never get past page 7 before someone has bolted, the drink is on the ground, or Mason is stealing Byron's chips or vice versa and World War 111 has broken out.

Drive home, both boys are usually fast asleep before we make it out of the car park (the reason why i LOVE our gym routine!) On a good day I can resettle them into beds, and I have 1-2 hours of peace, where by I wish I could say I lie on the couch reading trashy magazines, but alas this is the time to do work, clean up, start on dinner for the night.

4pm kids play outside in the yard. Im asked another 100 times for various demands and questions. Dexter is hovering and giving me his big brown eye look. Back into the pram, over to the park again.

5.30pm Feral time. Im not sure why this is, but it seems to be the same in every house with children. The next hour is a blur of trying to get Byron to eat, Mason inhales the meal down, thankfully but then starts throwing the remnants everywhere when he has had enough. Lucky we are eventually ripping up our carpet for floorboards, cause its looking horrendous these days. Try to bribe Byron, doenst work. He ends up with toast. Again. if I didnt feel like I needed to be providing my child the 'good' dinner I would just start with toast to begin with.

Bathtime a blur of crying. No more needs to be said.

Dressed, bottles, bedtime. Silence. Relief.

There are countless nappy changes in one day, Mason has very regular bowels. So many 'Byron, come back NOW's, and many 'Mason, NO'. I get sick of hearing the sound of my own voice, saying the same things to the boys all day long. And I am starting to sound like my grandmother a little too soon, by naming everyone in the family before the actual person im meant to be calling.

It sounds drab. It is repetitive. Somedays i feel like im loosing my mind.  I think 'if I hear a whinge one more time, I am going to walk out that door', even though I know I never would. Somedays I wish I had lost my mind, just so I could be shipped off to the local hospital for a rest at last!

But I wouldnt have it any other way.

I love every 'Mum'. Every open mouth kiss from Mason. The freedom to be able to spend so much time with my children. The opportunity to provide my children with a family. A real family.

And how could you not love it, when this is what is staring back at you for most of the day.

Doing his best shooting face... how did my two year old learn to shoot everything with anything he can find??





Yes we do worm our dog. A must considering how much slobber is swapped amongst the kids.  Love those cheeks. Seriously, the cutest cheeks!