Giving back

I dont know many people who haven't in some way been affected by breast cancer. National statistics now state that one in eleven women are diagnosed with breast cancer, a staggering amount. Breast cancer changed my life, when my mum was diagnosed with it, when I was 3, she was only 35.

Organisations like the Breast Cancer Foundation of Western Australia work so hard to help women and their families who are affected by breast cancer.

They hold many charity events throughout the year for people to come together and support the association. It has been my pleasure to be able to help out, and donate a session to the various wonderful events that they hold. If you are able to donate your time or make a donation, please contact them via here.

One of the wonderful people who won one of the sessions I donated was this gorgeous family. The gorgeous little girl in these pictures is friends with Byron, and her Mum had commented to her Mum at the long table lunch that the breast cancer foundation held, that she was friends with me, and her Mum ever so lovely bid on this auction!

Lost me?!  lol!  It was so lovely to photograph you all!

Here are some of their beautiful family photos.