Family Love

This family were so wonderful to meet. Mom, Dad & I just clicked instantly.. honestly I could have stayed all day and chatted. These two boys are very close in age to my little rascals!! Wendy, if only we lived closer, we could have some wonderful, busy playdates!!

Their boys are early rises so we decided on an early morning session. As I drove to their house I thought we would be battling against the weather, but it turned fine just as we arrived at the beach:)

I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peak... there are loads more gorgeous images that will be in your gallery shortly!!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo below, i think it may be one of my all time fav captures. I just love how the little guy is giving me such a cheeky grin, and how Dad has his arms around him.  The colours just look fantastic together.

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Oh, and there is an AMAZING one for your front wall!! Ill keep you waiting for that one though:)