Dreams do come true

Yesterday I heard the words I had dreamed of so many times, over and over in my head. Its a GIRL.

We are utterly thrilled. I have wondered so many times in my head, whether I would ever get the opportunity to be a mother of a daughter. It is so special to me, and words cant express it, I am feeling my eyes welling up as I type this.  I cant wait to have the kind of relationship that I had with my Mum for those short years, now with my own daughter but for many years to come. She is going to be so so loved, with her two big brothers who cant wait for her to arrive and protective Daddy, who cant wait for his little girl to join us. Byron is asking me daily if it is time yet for his baby sister to come out.

Dear baby girl,

We have anticipated you for so long, it is surreal to think that in just under 5 months you will be here in our busy home, filled with the noises of your energetic brothers and the busyness of our lives.

You will be born into loving arms, in the calm of your future home, perhaps with your big brothers eagerly watching on and the support of close family and friends. It makes me feel so happy that these special people in your life get to be there from the very first moment you enter the world and take your first breath. I am already dreaming of the nights and mornings we will have, with you lying in bed next to me, and your brothers climbing into bed with us in the early hours of the morning. I cant wait to feel the joy of having 3 children close together, and the beautiful little moments will hold me over for the more difficult ones when sleep is few and far between.

Your name, which was chosen many years ago is so special to me, and I couldn't imagine using anything else. You will carry your Nanna's name, who you sadly will never get to meet, but you will know so much about what an amazing woman she was, told to you by me . She would have loved you so much, as a daughter I never could have felt warmer or more loved, than the way I did with her, and I will ensure that you too like your brothers, always feel that sense of warmth and unconditional  love. I am sure you have been sent to us from her.

You will grow up with two gorgeous big brothers, who will guide you and protect you always. Byron is already so in love with you, and tells you this daily as he talks to you in my belly. 'I love you baby sister', have been his words for the last 4 months. Mason will adore you, once he realises he has another companion to enjoy life with.

You already have a wardrobe that is set to rile your brothers, which says something, as Mama has been collecting things and putting them aside for many years now in the back of your brothers cupboard, long awaiting the day you would be blessed into our lives.  Hope is such an incredible power, and I am sure that the never ending hope that I shared for you, has played a part in bringing you into our lives.

Although I long to meet you, and cant help but wish the days away till we reach May, and the air gets cooler and you will arrive, I am trying to be patient, and hold on to the joy of having a miracle inside of me. You may be my last baby to grow inside of me, and for this I am treasuring every day, and look forward to when I feel you moving around more inside of me. I wonder if it will feel like there is a soccer match going on inside my belly like it did with your brothers, or whether it will be different. So far you have been different in every way.  

My mind wanders to thinking about what the future will be like for our blessed family, all the wonderful moments we will have together surrounded by so much love. We cannot wait to meet you, you are so loved and wanted little one.

Love Mummy