Cabin Fever

Untitled-1 Seriously, ive had my dose of winter, the grass is squelchy and green, my electricity bill is through the roof and the kids are bouncing off the walls.

Im ready for some warmth.

The days have been spent inside, where the boys enjoy driving Mummy crazy by seeing if they can out do each other in the messy stakes.  Pillowfights, jumping off furniture and playing with pots and pans have been about the highlights over here.  Except of course when ive let go of all my inner reservations of staying dry and clean and let Byron loose to puddle jump.

 And yes Dora & Thomas have been getting a workout.

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Parenting police, dont judge me, TV and McDonalds in the same post. Yes it happens. Sometimes it really is the easy option. I hate Maccas, but the husband loves it, and by the looks of this, like father like son.

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Although if i was honest, this little guy loves anything that he can eat. He is THE garbage disposal. No fussy eating here. Except ice cream.  In Mason's daily daycare book i noticed it said 'Didnt like ice cream!!'  The boy who eats everything would not eat icecream!! He's also a door guy. He sits and plays with doors for ages. And he's strong, and quick. So you open the fridge, and he's in there like a flash.

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