My darling firstborn, how will I ever be able to tell you how much I completely and wholeheartedly love you, tell you how you have completely changed my world and your beauty and genuine nature makes me become a better person every day. I only hope that when you look back, you will always be able to remember and feel how wholeheartedly  loved you were as a child, and still are.

If I could bundle you up right now at this time, age 4 I think I would, I cannot imagine ever being more proud, happy and in love with you. Your never ending questions, whilst they sometimes drive me nuts,  are so interesting and your wealth for knowledge makes me proud. Your genuine and affectionate, open love is so touching, you are always asking me if I am ok, telling me 'I love you too much Mummy', and 'your my best friend' and giving me hugs. It fills me with such a feeling of contentment.  How did I get so lucky with such a beautiful, thoughtful son? I want to bundle it up, as I wonder if someday in the future you will cringe when I try to cuddle you or tell you that I love you, as we approach the teenage years.  I can only hope not.

You remind me often these days of my Mum, your Nanna, thoughtful, giving, caring, compassionate and loving. I feel so lucky to get to experience these lovely characteristics again in you.

You are lying on the couch waiting for me to finish this, and turn the computer off, having just woken up at midnight and not found me yet in bed. While Daddy is away you always seem to end up next to me in the middle of the night, and then Mason joins us as morning light starts to break. While the broken sleep is not terribly enjoyable being worken by both of you squiriming in the bed, as you are both restless sleepers, I know that the days are numbered for when you will still want to all share a bed, and its lovely to wake up with Mason and your smiling faces.

I love you my dear, sweet boy, I hope that you dont ever feel threatened to change how you are, or who you are, I hope that you will be secure and strong enough to just be the beautiful person that you are.