Mothers Day has been a difficult day for as long as I can remember. At school there were always mothers day stalls, and mothers day breakfasts, not to mention the constant reminder through the media. I remember feeling left out, but it wasn't through any one's fault, its lovely that school's and the media make a big deal of celebrating the day, and so they should, mothers deserve to be celebrated much more than they ever are!

I adore being a mother, I feel like it was my calling in life, there are many other things that I am so happy I have accomplished, but being a mother is so much more than all of that, it is feeling completely whole.

The boys are at quite delightful ages at the moment, and I am loving the interaction and conversations I get to have with Byron. He gave up the bottle this week, which was a huge milestone because he was so addicted to it, I thought it would be going to school with him! As his reward, I took him to the shops for a milkshake and to choose a toy, just him and me.

He was so excited and delighted in the one on one time. He carefully selected his toy, proudly paid the lady and happily carried his shopping bag around the centre. We then got a milkshake, and as we were waiting for it, he put his arms around me, gave me a huge hug and loudly said 'I love you Mummy'.

I can tell you that that was the most heart warming and most fulfilling moment I have had in my life so far.

I love that I get to be a mummy to these two beautiful boys. And although I wish every day that my own mum was here to enjoy life and her grandchildren, I know that there are so many parts of her in me and in the boys.

I am the mother I am today, because of the mother she was in the short time she was here. And I am so thankful for that, because I feel more blessed than I could ever have imagined.

Completely out of focus, and untouched but perfect.

Wishing all the mummies out there, a very special day!