Birthday Boy

This post is so belated I know, but life has been very busy these last few weeks. My youngest, Mason turned one on the 09-09-09, and yes that was the date I was shooting the wedding in Melbourne!!

We had a small party for him a few days later, but he was quite typically none the wiser that it was his special day!!

Here's some pictures of the gorgeous boy, now one and looking uncannily like his big brother!!  A friend visited the other day, who hadnt seen the boys for a few months, and asked where Mason was (he was on my hip in his usual position). She couldnt believe it wasnt Byron!!

With his birthday present and in his gorgeous overals from Aunty Chris;





These two have the best of fun with each other now. Its so lovely to watch them play and interact together, not so lovely though when they are fighting over the same thing!