Beautiful baby blues

This gorgeous little girl was the first of my NSW mini shoots. Mum had wanted to do a session for a few months, but then they moved from Perth to NSW, so she was thrilled when I said I would be in town.

We almost had to cancel this session. The weather was so bad, it just continuously rained all day. We changed locations from the beach where it was stormy to a national park, and on arrival stood in the rain under two umbrellas for 20 mins, before admitting defeat and deciding to go back and do photos at the house instead. But just as we were leaving, the rain stopped and gave us 30 dry minutes! Im so glad it did.

Lucy had just turned one, and looks like she will be walking any day now!  The perfect age for photos - they cant run away from the camera yet!

Dan & Boe, thankyou for your patience on the day, im sure you will agree it was well worth it! It was so lovely to see you both and meet Lucy, the love you both have for her was beautiful to watch.