3 years ago...

I entered a whole new world. Motherhood.

Ive never looked back, Ive never really wanted to, well that might be a lie, at 3am im sure my minds wandered back to pre baby full sleep days! But I would never think twice about going back, this delightful little man has brought so much joy to our lives, my heart really does just turn giddy thinking about him.

He is such a sensitive little guy, he asks for cuddles at random times, and proceeds to go 'awwwwww' as he is giving them. He adores his little brother, and has been such a doting big brother considering he rocked his world when he was only 20 months old!!  He loves cars, and lawn mowers, all things with wheels really. And he talks your ear off all day long, and cant sit still, he is such a little mini me, its uncanny.

I love you more than I ever thought possible my gorgeous 3 year old boy!!!

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