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This scrumptious little man arrived right on his due date!! Isnt he clever? You can see him in his gorgeous Mama's tummy here. He had the most beautiful milky white skin, and fair hair and beautiful pouty lips, I love baby lips!!

He kept us waiting a while to get him off to the land of nod, but once he was there he was fast asleep and putty in our hands.

Mum & I had a lovely time chatting about all things baby, its uncanny how similar our taste is!  Claire i think we should arrange a shopping date minus the hubbies!!  (I can just see my hubbie rolling his eyes right now!)

Claire & George, thankyou for the pleasure of photographing your growing family. You are both naturals at parenting and made it so easy to photograph your family.

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The little details; plush, pouty lips, ten tiny toes and new baby fuzz; this little guy didn't have a lot of it, but it was so fair i had to capture it because i dont think it will be there for too much longer!

I love to capture these little things from the early days so that Mum & Dad can revisit the little details amongst the newborn baby haze.

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