09-09-09 What a date!

This gorgeous couple got married in September in Geelong. My first thought if you know Melbourne weather was "Eeek" but they got lucky and it was a perfect cloudy day with the occasional 10 second bursts of sunshine that had me running and screaming at the Bride and Groom to 'go to the light' crazy lady that I am! It truly was a day to remember, with the perfect date to remember to boot 09-09-09!! 

 I cant choose just a selection of images, so I may overload you with many.

Selina, I know you are itching to see these and I will have the gallery ready very shortly.

The gorgeous Bride getting ready for the big day..

17 copy

Her Mum had embroided into the bodice her and her partners initials!! The detail in this wedding was just beautiful!


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I think I screamed rather loudly when I saw this seaplane landing in the background!! And yes i did get the bride and groom on board for some pictures!!

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60 copy

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A trip to the train station for some pictures and dancing,



And then onto the wedding ceremony followed by the beautiful reception


Awaiting the bride;



I LOVE the sequence of photos that follow;


91_1 copy


95_1 copy

And with their three gorgeous boys;


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Some family pictures;

136 copy


Slide 4

The lolly buffet was INCREDIBLE!! You should have seen the look on all of the childrens faces when they saw it!!

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What a beautiful day, with a beautiful couple. May you have many more wonderful moments like these ones.